MISCELLANEOUS CHARGES:  *A $60/hour shop rate may apply when applicable.

Quick Inspection: FREE

Minimum "Repair/Service" Charge: $20 (with out a purchase) or $60/hour

Build Out of Box: Geared/$100, Single Speed/$75


TUNE UPS:  *An additional $60/hour shop rate may apply when applicable.

BASIC: $85 ( Includes bike cleaning, all parts inspected and adjusted )

BASIC PLUS: $125 ( Basic tune up plus the instillation of new shift & brake cables & housing )

OVERHAUL: $175-$250 ( Basic Plus tune up plus the complete dismantling, cleaning and reconditioning  of all the bicycle components )

*Prices do not include replacement parts (basic tune up). Additional charges may apply to kids bikes, big box store brands, old or poorly maintained bikes, recumbents, tandems and trikes.



Inflate: FREE

Tubes: $9-$25/each

Tubeless Set up: $40/tire ( includes tubeless valves, rim tape, sealant and labor )

Tubeless tire remount or new tire install: $20 ( sealant only )

  *A $60/hour shop rate may apply when applicable.

Tires: $30/each and up

Tube/Tire Change: $10/each, $20 minimum for tubeless tire install 


WHEELS: *A $60/hour shop rate may apply when applicable.

True/Tension: $20/minimum per wheel

Repair Broken Spoke: Front/$25, Rear/$35 ( first spoke, $5 for each additional )

Hub Adjustment/Repack: Front/$25, Rear/$40

Wheel Build: New Rim: $75, Used Rim: $100

Spokes: Silver $1/each, Black $1.50/each ( DT Swiss, Stainless Steel, 2.0 J bend )


ACCESSORY INSTALLATION:  *A $60/hour shop rate may apply when applicable.

Computers: Wireless/$10, Wired/$15 ( includes programming ) 

Fenders: $20-$60

Kickstand: $5-$20

Lights/Battery: $5/headlight, $5 minimum for tail light

Lights/Generator: $20-$60 ( includes install & wiring )

Pedals: $5-$20/pair 

Rack: $10-$40  

Saddle: $10-$20

Grips: $5-$20/pair

Handle Bar Wrap: $20-$40

Mirror: $5-$15